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For Sale, NEC multiview DLP digital projector and screen

Scott & Cathy, WI Wedding Photographers
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NEC DLP     LT35     Multi View Digital Projector,

professional projector, multi use

Light output 3000, 2300 Eco.
SD/HD Video Signal up to 1080i.
Paid $1750.00
The screen, DA LITE 6 Wide x 8 High, has multiple uses as well.
Can hang from ceiling or free standing built in that pulls up, works great!
I attached a picture so you can see what it looks like. It comes in a nice hard case for transporting.
I would love to keep these but we just don’t use it.
We only used these twice at a wedding for projection.
I’ve been bugging Scott to set it up so I could watch some of my favorite movies but it just never happens, no time.
We need to find these a new home where someone will use them.
$500.00 for both together.
See the PDF link here for more details and picture of the projector.
DA LITE 6W x 8H PDALinstatheater-2T

DA LITE 6W x 8H PDALinstatheater-2T


Commercial Office Color laser Jet printer for sale

Scott & Cathy, WI Wedding Photographers
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Like new Commercial Office Color laser Jet printer for sale

If anyone is looking to replace or purchase an office printer; we have a commercial HP Color Laser Jet 2840 printer for sale for only $350.00.  This printer uses toner so its much cheaper.  We just put in a brand new black toner cartridge as well.  The toner itself is valued at about $100.00 each.  We are trying to make more room in our office and wanted to downsize.  This printer is great for printing large volumes and even does double sided printing, along with all the other things you need.  Fax, Scan, Downsize, Enlarge, etc … We love this printer, I miss it already, but seeing we don’t print our own brochure anymore it makes sense for us to let go of this awesome printer.  The retail value was $1000.00 when we purchased this about 2 years ago.  If anyone is interested or would like more information contact us right away as I’m sure this will go fast.

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Go Bee Photography Bag | For Sale

Scott & Cathy, WI Wedding Photographers
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We have a Go Bee Leather photo bag for sale.  We purchased this last year and only used it once.  It has a belt that goes around your waist and works great for your media cards and your cell phone.   Anyone interested please contact us.   Great price, only $100.00