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For Sale, NEC multiview DLP digital projector and screen

Scott & Cathy, WI Wedding Photographers
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NEC DLP     LT35     Multi View Digital Projector,

professional projector, multi use

Light output 3000, 2300 Eco.
SD/HD Video Signal up to 1080i.
Paid $1750.00
The screen, DA LITE 6 Wide x 8 High, has multiple uses as well.
Can hang from ceiling or free standing built in that pulls up, works great!
I attached a picture so you can see what it looks like. It comes in a nice hard case for transporting.
I would love to keep these but we just don’t use it.
We only used these twice at a wedding for projection.
I’ve been bugging Scott to set it up so I could watch some of my favorite movies but it just never happens, no time.
We need to find these a new home where someone will use them.
$500.00 for both together.
See the PDF link here for more details and picture of the projector.
DA LITE 6W x 8H PDALinstatheater-2T

DA LITE 6W x 8H PDALinstatheater-2T