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Wednesday February 7, 2007

Scott & Cathy, WI Wedding Photographers

We were in our local bridal show on Sunday.

It was just freezing out; especially hauling everything in and out!

The crowd was smaller than normal but still a good turn out. 

Lots of couples already signed up. 

We have a lot of appointments scheduled from the show. 

We were suppose to have 2 booths and they moved us

because a limo vehicle was too big for that area. 

We ended up downsizing because they had us in a booth area

that had half a divider wall between the two booths. 

Well that just wouldn't work; especially with our large display.

So we just decided to down size; made it work as best as we could. 

We really wanted the bigger booth and paid for it.


Sorry we didn’t take our camera to the show this time.

The weather was so cold, we only brought what was necessary.

Something happened that was pretty hilarious though.

we actually seen this photographer that went by trying to be un-suspicious. 

He pretended he was talking on a cell phone and snapped a picture of our booth!

We could even hear the sound as he snapped the photo ... lol ...it was so funny!  

I guess we should feel flattered that he had to have a picture of "our artwork."

Maybe I should ask the guy with the cell phone to send me a copy...lol. 

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