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Friday February 2, 2007

Scott & Cathy, WI Wedding Photographers

I hope everyone is staying inside where it’s warm!! Man it s cold outside. Thank goodness for our pellet stove, but it still could be warmer inside too.  Don’t forget to feed the bunnies outside.  After seeing Gary and Melissa’s cute bunny rabbit, I feel so sorry for the bunnies outside.   How do they stay warm on days like this??   Really, its so bitter cold.  My puppy don’t even want to go outside.  She’s curled up on the couch covered up under a blanket. She’s not stupid. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We were in our local bridal show on Sunday; it was just freezing outside, especially hauling everything in and then out again!!  The crowd was a bit smaller than normal but it was still a great turn out.  Lots of couples already signed up and we have a lot of appointments scheduled from the show.  We were suppose to have 2 booths and they moved us because a limo vehicle was too big for that area.  We ended up downsizing because they had us in a booth area that had half a divider wall between the two booths.  Well that just wouldn’t work, especially with our large display, so we just decided to down size and made it work as best as we could.  We really wanted the bigger booth though. 

    Sorry we didn’t take our camera to the show this time.   The weather was so cold, we only brought what was absolutely necessary. Something happened that was pretty hilarious though; we actually seen this photographer that went by trying to be un-suspicious.  He pretended he was talking on his cell phone and snapped a picture of our booth.  We could even hear the sound as he snapped the photo … lol …it was so funny!!   I guess we should feel flattered that he had to have a picture of  “our artwork.”  Hey maybe I should ask the guy with the cell phone to send me a copy of the picture …  lol.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish you lived closer, I love horses.  Always wanted a horse.  They are such beautiful animals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You know… I actually kept my horses inside the barn stalls all day yesterday because of the wind factor… It’s FREEZING!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    That is where I want to be snuggled up unter a blanket. Instead it is Bridal show. Hauling all that stuff into the Country Club is even harder when you are half frozen. Where is Spring??

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, it’s great your coming in for the seminar. I’m not sure I’ll be there but I know Bob will. He will love to meet you both. Can you believe this weather? Well, I guess it typical for the midwest! We’ve been spoiled this year! I know Tuesday is the GraphiStudio roundtable meeting at the Conrad Hotel, 521 N. Rush Street and Michigan Avenue from 2-5pm. And then Bella Pictures is hosting a cocktail party that evening. Will you be there for that as well. Then, of course, Joe & Marcus’s seminar is on Wednesday! I wish I could go but with our kids in school, it’s probably not going to happen for me. Anyway, make sure to introduce yourself to Bob…. he loves meeting people who share in the same passion for photography!!! Take care and enjoy your trip to Chicago! ~ Dawn

    Ps: KEEP WARM! : )

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